Placement Report at Abacus Business Advisors, Ltd.

Placement Report at Abacus Business Advisors, Ltd. Essay example
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Placement Report at Abacus Business Advisors, Ltd. Name Course Instructor’s Name Date Table of Contents Introduction 2 Company Overview 2 Historical Background and Incorporators 2 Location and Contact Numbers 3 Placement Job Details 3 Major Accounts and Responsibilities 3 Account for a Market Trader 4 Account for a Fashion Model 4 Account for a Taxi Driver 5 Data Base Task 5 Other Accounting Tasks 6 Learning Experience 8 Skills Used and Developed 9 Conclusion 11 Introduction As a student majoring in accounting and finance, I was given the chance to do 40 weeks placement at an accountancy firm last year.


Abacus is a chartered accountancy firm located in Leeds. The aims of this placement report therefore are as follows: (1) to provide details on the placement job that was pursued; (2) to expound on the learning experience; and (3) to present the skills used, as well as those that were honed and developed during the process. The report would be presented by initially providing a brief company overview and background of Abacus Business Advisors, Ltd. Subsequent sections would discuss the placement job details, the learning experience and the skills section, prior to providing the concluding remarks, as required. Company Overview Historical Background and Incorporators Abacus Business Advisors, Ltd. (Abacus) was reportedly incorporated on March 17, 2010. ...
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