Technology as a strategic factor which helps in the development or dismissal of subsequent firms

Technology as a strategic factor which helps in the development or dismissal of subsequent firms Essay example
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Strategic Management Contents Contents 2 Introduction 3 Concept of Disruptive Innovation 4 Disruptive Innovation and Organizations-Some Cases 7 Countering Pitfalls of Disruptive Innovation 12 Conclusions 12 References 14 Introduction The study of the causes for the failure of many successful firms is found to be increasingly related with the technological concept in use with such concern.


It is observed that those technological concepts which help in the development of existing business processes and thereby augments the quality of products or services are mainly sustainable in nature. These set of technologies however are found to be either of continuous or of discrete nature. Thus the sustaining technologies are those which help to augment the value of the products produced in the market. However in the course of rendering innovations a second set of technological system emerge which is found to undervalue the performance and value of the products produced. These disruptive set of technologies are thus found to produce products which are relatively cheaper and are found in a frequent manner in different locations. Many examples of disruptive technologies can be observed along sectors like motorcycles where the former powerful Harley-Davidson bikes became increasingly replaced by more cheaply and increasingly available bikes like Yamaha and Honda. The concept of disruptive innovation is considered to undervalue the firm’s position for the features of the products produced are such as could be only marketed in developing markets and being cheaper render low margins to the operating firm. ...
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