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Finance Analysis of Jones Limited(small, specialist marine engineering company based in Aberdeen) - Coursework Example

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Finance & Accounting
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Finance for Managers Jones Limited Given details can be summarized as per the following.
Annual turnover 4,000,000
Annual profit before tax 750,000
Development costs of “Points North” 25,000
New Investments Sought in capital equipment 250,000
Annual production capacity – 5,000 units
Equipment life – 5 years

Extract of sample
Finance Analysis of Jones Limited(small, specialist marine engineering company based in Aberdeen)

Payback period for the investment of £250,000 needed to generate the earnings of £125,000
Thus, will be
250,000 ÷ 125,000
= 2 years
In another approach, Net Present Values of Profit Streams to be received in next 3 years and 5 years can be calculated to see if they are positive.
New investment needed is £250,000. If the same debt/equity ratio for financing the project i.e 50% each is considered then debt burden will be £125,000 and that will incur 8% interest charge.
The interest charge comes to £10,000.
Since the dividend declared is 16%, weighted average cost of capital employed can be taken as arithmetic mean of debt and equity for both being equal in magnitude.
Thus, the cost of capital to the company for this new project is 12% amounting to £30,000 per year. The cost of capital needs to be deducted from the yearly earnings to arrive at the net cash flow to the company and that amounts to 125,000-30,000= £95,000
However, the net profit of the operation after interest charge comes to 125,000-10,000=115,000
The depreciation of the plant and equipment is calculated on straight line method considering its useful life of 5 years.
That is calculated as £250,000/5= £50,000.
Thus, net profit to the company after charging interest, and depreciation is £65,000.
Development cost of £25,000 can be apportioned as per the laws towards its useful life; however, in absence of the details, we right now assume it to apportion in 5 years. ...
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