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headlines have made board diversity one of the key issues in corporate governance today, analyse the composition of the board of - Essay Example

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headlines have made board diversity one of the key issues in corporate governance today, analyse the composition of the board of

The move was prompted by the fact that although organizations sought to include women in non-executive appointments, there were little or no improvements in having women in executive posts (Treanor 2013). According to Neville and Treanor (2012), although the number of women in non-executive positions is on the rise, there is a stubbornly low number in senior management. Although some organizations have heeded to the call to have about 40% of the boardroom seats held by women, Norway which is ranked first has achieved about 35% non-executive directors after the government ordered firms to include women through quotas. In the United States, there are only 20 of the 500 S&P leading companies being led by women chief executives. Despite leading in the high number of women executives, the United States is not governed by quotas unlike European countries where board quotas have seen few female senior leaders and few chief executives. Joecks, Pull & Vetter (2012) highlight that despite the increase in the percentage of women in the workforce over years; there is a lag in the presentation of women in boardrooms as female directors. In addition, Joecks, Pull & Vetter (2012) note that the presentation of women in boardrooms fall behind in Europe owing to imposition of women quotas for countries like Norway, Netherlands, and France among others. ...
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BOARD DIVERSITY ISSUES AND CORPORATE GOVERNANCE Instructor name: The issue of corporate boards not being fairly represented in terms of female executives is not only common in the America or Europe; it is an issue that affects organizations internationally…
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