Dream Deferred: The Story of a High-Tech Entrepreneur in a Low-Tech World - Case Study Example

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Dream Deferred: The Story of a High-Tech Entrepreneur in a Low-Tech World

However, just one month after the establishment of Adesemi, it all came crashing down. The company was liquidated, and she was devastated. Nevertheless, she has learnt an invaluable lesson about entrepreneurship especially the launching of companies in developing countries (Maddy 1).
1. The most essential lesson that Maddy learnt from her experience in the third world country was to ensure that a business person was well informed of the market that they were trying to penetrate. This is because surveys done before the actual establishment of the firm often give a very different picture of what the reality of the situation is in the country, in question. As such, she explains that she had underestimated the intricacy and extent of the venture especially in a third world country like Tanzania. If the company was founded in a country that was a little more developed, it may have had higher chances of success (Maddy 5).
Firstly, she learns the importance of selecting the best investors in the business. There are two kinds of investors the do-gooders and the do-wellers. The former category is more accessible than the latter; they aim to generate economic growth but are terrified of risks and are deeply entrenched in bureaucracy. ...
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Dream Deferred: The Story of a High-Tech Entrepreneur in a Low-Tech World
Monique Maddy, an entrepreneur, founded Adesemi as an attempt to guarantee that third world countries had access to inexpensive wireless telecommunications. …
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