Business Models And The Changing Business Environment

Business Models And The Changing Business Environment Essay example
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Business enterprises require that they either implicitly or explicitly apply a business model for acquiring maximum operational efficiency. This model can be considered as being complete if it describes the design and creates value for the organisation.


These models are applied so that the needs of the customers can be fulfilled. The enterprises require to structure those practices in such a way that the business model connect with innovation and forming of the business strategy (Hedman & Kalling, 2003). In this report a discussion about the changing environment will be presented. This will exhibit the development in the global economy and the change in the traditional practices which lead towards technological growth and development. Innovation in communication and the development in the technology will lead to the establishment of the global trading regime. Such methods have ignited the competition because the customers have more options available for choosing from the best available option. This practice has forced the organisations in developing a more customer centred approach. This study will show the application of the business models used by Apple Inc. which will clearly differentiate the traditional and the modern way the businesses are structured. ACCOUNTANTS VIEW OF THE BUSINESS MODEL The business model in accounting is related to the economic theory of the firms. This is related to the measurement issues which are within the financial reporting systems. ...
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