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Finance and Accounting assignment Corporate Analysis Management and Ownership Tata Consultancy Services Limited (TCS) is an MNC in IT services, consultancy and business solutions. TCS has it headquarter in Mumbai and it operates in 44 countries with 199 branches in the world.


In the Board of Directors, Cyrus Mistry is the chairman and N Chandrasekaran is CEO and MD of Tata Consultancy Services. The management is solely responsible to stock holders. In a company where there is a separation between its ownership and management then management is responsible for its decision which will serve the interest of stock holders. Because management takes the decision regarding the operations of the company’s business, financial decisions and other important decisions that may effect on the share price and leads the price to high or low. Thus as a CEO and MD of TCS, Chandrasekaran is responsible to the stockholders for his decisions in TCS. Potential Conflicts of Interest in TCS The Tata code of conduct says that any employee of Tata should not engage himself/herself in any relationship, business or any such activity that might cause conflict of interest in the company or in Tata group. A situation of conflict of interest can arise directly or indirectly if an employee of the company engages in relationship, activity or business with a party who is transacting with Tata Company or if an employee is taking undue advantage of his position by influences decisions in the company or an independent decision or judgement that cannot best for the group or the company. Interaction of TCS with Financial Market Equity share capital of TCS is traded on BSE and NSE. ...
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