The Role of Safeguards in Strengthening Independence

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The role of safeguards in strengthening independence Name: University: Student ID: Course: Tutor: Date: The role of safeguards in reducing threats to auditor independence Introduction It is important to recognise that independence can never be absolute since the auditor is appointed, and paid by the client.


Self-review threats also present threats to independence while advocacy threats may present unbiased opinions on the financial position of the firm. Intimidation threats such as coercion the owners of the firm will hinder the independence of the auditor. Auditor’s independence must be about integrity, objectivity and skepticism (Basu, 2009). The auditor is expected to monitor the integrity of the financial statements, review the internal financial controls, review the effectiveness of the internal audit department, and provide non-audit services while considering the ethical guidelines concerning the auditor’s work. Rotation of audit staff and partners will safeguard the familiarity threat and minimise self-interest threats to independence (Flood, 2012). In order to maintain independence, the auditors are required by law o maintain integrity, competence, objectivity, performance and courtesy. The auditor must safeguard himself or herself from self-interest threats by abstaining from any direct or indirect financial interest in the audit work (Flood, 2012). The auditor should not take any loan, guarantee of a loan from the client, or engage in undue dependence on the total fees paid by the client. ...
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