Internal Audit Deparment Background description about TJX Company.

Internal Audit Deparment Background description about TJX Company. Essay example
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Name: Professor: Course Date: JTX Internal Audit Department Internal Audit Description TJX audit department is responsible of ensuring the financial accounting process is compatible with the generally accepted accounting principles. Furthermore, the department is involved in reviewing the operation of the department accounting and financial methods that includes electronic and manual.


Similarly, the audit department is involved in making optimal recommendations on the improvements that should be established to the senior management and audit committee. The audit director of TJX reports to John Caban in updating him on the auditing process and plans that need to be implemented (, 2). John Caban is supposed to report to the CFO of TJX company who is known as Scott Goldenburg. In addition, Caban is responsible of approving the audit plan prepared by the audit department. Similarly, the chief audit chief is responsible of updating the audit department of the organization through the quarterly reports during the regular meetings held in the organization (, 1). One of the aspects that have enabled the auditing department of TJX organization to expand significantly in the past is the close relationship it has developed with the management. The management of the organization usually requests the audit department to undertake special auditing apart from the routine audits to measure the compliance level of the organization. This has enabled the department to comply with the established accounting regulations, financial and operational audits. ...
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