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The title of the assignment: The student’s name: The professor’s name: Dr. Ron Lentz The course title: Financial Management 534 Date: Financial Research Report Introduction Apple Inc. is a major technological company located in Silicon Valley. The company is in the business of designing, manufacturing and marketing mobile and media electronic devices, software applications, networking solutions, a range of consumer electronics and support services.


Also, the company has an enviable customer base that is extremely loyal towards the iOS platform. The company has maintained historical records of maintaining a customer retention percentage of more than 90%. The analysts and the investors are considering Apple as a strong buy based on the Fibonacci model. The Fibonacci retracements state that the stock prices follow a trend of rising strongly, then falling down to a lower price followed by a significant upturn. This justifies the fall of the stock prices in the fourth quarter of 2012 followed by a steep rise in the stock prices starting from the first quarter of 2013. Apple is considered as a fundamentally and technically strong company ideal for investment in its stocks (Edwards, 2007). The value driven mutual funds consider Apple as an important stock for investment and almost 40% of these mutual funds hold positions in Apple with more than USD 1 billion of assets. The biggest investors of the world are expected to accelerate the growth of shareholder value of Apple through buy backs and dividend pay-outs. The balance sheet of Apple is strong with zero debt value and high cash reserves of more than USD 1.45 billion. ...
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