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The main reason I am writing this memo to the board, is to offer a detailed explanation as to why I had to resign from the company as the Financial Accountant. The reasons I will spell out in this memo range from professional and personal reasons.


Larry Lizard who insisted on the group accounts being completed immediately. This situation presented an ethical dilemma on my part since there was a conflict of interest between my personal responsibilities an employee as well as professional responsibilities, and the ethics involved therein. Ethical responsibilities of qualified accountants To begin with, Burgstahler et al. (2007) stated that accounting is essentially concerned with recording, measuring, and communicating information relating to the financial health of a company to interested parties that are internal and external to the business. The process begins at the point of transaction or when an economic event takes place such as offering of essential services or the receipt remuneration for the good or service delivered. The process ends when the economic event is recorded in a financial statement that is designed to enable the prospective users to make well-informed decisions in regards to their dealing with the company. ...
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