Financial Calculations for a new hair care product

Financial Calculations for a new hair care product  Assignment example
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Given below is the proposal / break-even analysis of a new product to be introduced to the market.The product is a herbal shampoo prepared from natural herbs to protect, nourish and nurture the scalp and make hair healthy, thick and lustrous


And all the products have to pass through research along with the specific product development phases. Keeping in view these facts, the above table shows a list of assumptions made for the development of the hair care product. Moreover, these assumptions would serve as the baseline for calculating the revenue and costing of the product, marginal costing, sales / production basis and the break even analysis (Bernstein and Wild, 2000).Breakeven point Calculations:-
The breakeven analysis is utilized to determine the point in duration at which the revenues of the business becomes equivalent to the costs of the business. The following section of the document presents breakeven analysis of the hair care product
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