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Overview Throughout Co-operative Education you will be focusing on how you are demonstrating competency in the BBus Learning Goals set out below: Learning Goal 1: Be self-directed, reflective learners Learning Goal 2: Be knowledgeable in their major field of study Learning Goal 3: Be critical enquirers and problem solvers Learning Goal 4: Be able to think and act ethically Learning Goal 5: Be able to work collaboratively Learning Goal 6: Be effective communicators The Progress Report is the next stage of your assessment that culminates in your Oral Brief and Co-operative Education Report.


You are encouraged to keep a journal or notes to inform your reflective writing on a regular basis, adding and editing frequently. Reflection generally requires the following: 1. A specific incident 2. A referenced description of relevant theory 3. Application of the theory to the incident and identification of any gaps between theory and practice 4. Discussion of your personal learning from the incident (self-awareness) 5. The need to think critically, ‘dig deep’, to reveal insights into the incident It may help to view a situation through the eyes of someone else involved in order to investigate and, discuss the perspectives of others. Instructions for completing this document You are required to address all of the points which relate to each of the BBus Learning Goals. ...
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