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the effects of the 2008 financial crisis on the investment in the Gulf area and Qatar

While closely evaluating the investment activities of Gulf countries including Qatar during 2008 financial crisis and post-recession period, it seems that the global financial crisis did not affect the Gulf region’s investment sector much when compared to other regions. Recession 2008: Impact on the Arab Region The crisis affected most of the Arab region also causing a significant decline in financial markets. Despite the region’s potential economic sources like oil revenue, real estate investment, tourism, and housing, countries in the region became vulnerable to an economic slowdown albeit at a slower pace. The main reason was that the region’s economic activities did not involve productive actions which could reroute the wealth surplus into establishing strong industrial and human skill bases. Also, the region as a whole failed to absorb income and investment on a multiple basis. The results of the downturn were visible in the form of declining living standards, increasing inequality, growing unemployment rate etc. Migrant workers were the most affected segment in almost every GCC country. The main investors in the region included but not limited to The Kuwait Investment Authority (KIA), the Abu Dhabi Investment Authority, Singapore GIC, the Saudi prince al-Waleed Bin Talal, Kuwait, and Qatar. ...
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The Impacts of 2008 financial crisis on investment sector in the Gulf region Introduction The global financial crisis began to show its influx in the middle of 2007, and later spread into the whole 2008. The crisis caused dreadful effects on all sectors across the globe, especially in western countries…
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