Impacts of market trend on marketing strategy

Impacts of market trend on marketing strategy Research Paper example
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Americana Group Table of Content Executive summery 4 Marketing Analysis 5 Marketing environment analysis 5 Political Factors 5 Economical factors 6 Social factors 7 Technological factors 8 Impacts of market trend on marketing strategy 9 Marketing Strategy 10 Strategic options available to the Firm 10 Recommendation for best option 11 Marketing Goals 13 Transactional or Relational 13 Marketing Programs 15 Skills, Capabilities and Knowledge Analysis 15 To develop the strategy 15 To source externally 16 Recommendations and implementation 17 Reference 20 Executive summery This paper represents the analysis of marketing strategies and market environment of Americana Group.


It has successfully developed a distribution network of over 1300 outlets in MENA region and it is one of the leading franchisee operators in the world. This business operates under the banner of most successful leading brands in the world like Pizza Hut, KFC, TGI Friday’s, Krispi Krema and Costa Coffee and Signor Sassi. The company has successfully understood the tastes and preferences of Middle East people regarding food products. This competency has helped this company to come up with 6 popular food brands. These products are offered in the company’s home country. The company has been successfully running this food business through effective marketing strategies with respect to changes in the market environment. A detailed analysis of market environment and marketing strategies will be done throughout this paper to assess the current strategies followed by the company. This analysis required also review of external environmental factors that have major influence on the business. ...
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