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Steering committee is referred to as advisory committee of the organization which consists of experts for offering guidance regarding the crucial issues of the company. The key issues are generally corporate objectives and policy, marketing strategy, budgetary control, allocation of resources.


Therefore, in an organization a steering committee plays the role of a decision maker (Shelly and Vermaat, 2010, p. 420). In the context of a system development project, the roles of the steering committee are as follows: The steering committee takes the responsibility for the feasibility of the project, developing the business plan. It ensures the scope of the project aligns with the need of the customers or the stakeholder groups. The steering committee also assists in the process of evaluation of project risks and the approaches of project risk management. The committee also provides guidance to those involved directly in the project. The guidance is offered mainly in the field of business issues related to the success of the project. (b) Discuss one advantage and one disadvantage of phased-in and direct switch-over implementation strategies. Solution: Phased-in implementation can be defined as a process of changeover from a preexisting system to a new one. The phased-in strategy has to move across a number of stages in order actually implement it. ...
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