A critical study of credit risk management in the first bank of Nigeria Plc.

A critical study of credit risk management in the first bank of Nigeria Plc. Dissertation example
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A Critical study of credit risk management in the First Bank of Nigeria Plc Literature Review: Majority of the financial institutions (primarily the banks) are often exposed to significant losses from outright default as a consequence of the customers failing in meeting obligations related to trading, lending, settlement, other financial transactions and so on.


Circumstances led to the situation in which the giant loss incurring banks due to subprime crisis have to solely depend on capital flow from Middle East, Chinese and investors from Singapore. Thus major nucleus of these losses has been related to credit risk. Thus the notion of the credit risk management is a grave concern in this world of complex financial milieu and it has become highly essential for the financial institutions to suppress loses arising from credit for sustained long run performance. The obnoxious cases of bank failures, acquisitions, consolidation have steered the focus of management of the financial institutions in restructuring operations, improving asset quality and building loan portfolios with credit risk management as the base structure (Yo & Yusoff, 2009, p.46). Influence of credit risk management on the banks Credit risk management has an overwhelming concern on the financial institutions especially that of a bank. The credit risks in simple language can be defined as the potential which the bank borrower or the counterparty will fail to meet its obligations with various agreed terms. ...
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