Financial Analysis of Marvel Toys Pvt. Ltd.

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Financial Analysis of Marvel Toys Pvt. Ltd. In APA Format By Abstract Executive summary, Introduction, Discussion, Complete Financial Analysis of the Firm covering Cash Flow Analysis, Ratio Analysis, Analysis from a Long Term Creditor’s point of view, Examining the Collateral Security offered by the Firm, Recommendation to the Loan Granting Bank, Other Factors to be Considered, Conclusion, Decisions, References, Presentation.


It intends to expand business to other EU countries. For this purpose, it is planning to build a larger and modern warehouse and distribution facility which would cost around $10 million and would be completed by June, 2013. This cost includes machinery worth $2 million. It also plans to renovate its existing warehouse for $200000. The projects, to be completed by January, 2013 could increase 25% revenue. For this new project, capital is planned to be acquired through a local UAE bank. The current document dwells into the complete financial analysis of the organization. The financial analysis includes: 1) Cash Flow analysis 2) Ratio analysis and 3) Analysis by a long term creditor 4) Examining the collateral security to be offered by the firm in case loan is granted for the firm. 5) Conclusion The cash flow analysis details about the cash generated through various activities of the firm like operating, investing and financing. Operating cash flows elucidate the increase and decrease in cash pertaining to income statement. Investing cash flows depict increase and decrease in assets while financing activities revolve around dividend and other payments to stock holders. ...
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