The Informational Role of Bank Loan Ratings: barclays libor manipulation

The Informational Role of Bank Loan Ratings: barclays libor manipulation Research Paper example
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BARCLAYS LIBOR MANIPULATION Nabila Obaid Al Shehhi PROFESSOR'S NAME: Timothy Strother. (Institution Affiliation) (Course) (Date) Dedication I dedicate this work to my family who offered the moral support, my supervisor who guided me in my research. Above all, I want to thank the almighty God for giving me all the strength I needed and keeping me health.


I also thank my cliques and friend for their support moreover my supervisor. TABLE OF CONTENTS Declaration 2 Dedication 3 Acknowledgement 4 Table of content 5 1.0. Abstract .6 2.0. Introduction 7,8 3.0. Literature Review 9,10,11,12,13 4.0. Methodology 14,15,16,17 5.0. Results 17 6.0. Discussion (including conclusions and recommendations 18, 19, 20 7.0. List of references 21, 22, 23 8.0. Appendices 1.0 ABSTRACT From 2005 to 2008, some banks are accused of Libor manipulation by submitting lower borrowing cost rates than the standard Libor quotes set by The British Bankers Association (BBA) during the financial crisis, however, UK and US Authority's action was absent at that time. On July 7, 2012, The Economist printed an article that, Barclays became under the spotlight for attempting Libor manipulation and has been fined around $450 million by UK & US regulators. In this paper, the major highlights and study will include the following: 1) Definition and comparison between Libor and Eibor rates. 2) When did Barclays join the 12 financial institutions that set Eibor rates? 3) How Barclays attempted Libor Manipulation Scandal. ...
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