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Essay example - Applications in Corporate Finance. Buildalot

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Applications in Corporate Finance. Buildalot Essay example
Finance & Accounting
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This study will also evaluate financials of projects of the company through business strategy techniques and financial strategy techniques like re-forecasting, cost of capital, net present value and business valuation. …

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Background of the company
Buildalot is a 50 years old construction company of Ireland. The company was incorporated 30 years back as a group of companies. This consists of many wholly owned subsidiaries that operate in different segment of construction industry. Three segments where company’s business operates are major construction projects, house building construction and office building construction. Subsidiary that operates in major construction project is based on types of undertaken projects. Office building subsidiaries undertake projects related to office constructions. It operates in Europe and Middle East along with successful penetration in the home country of Ireland. The company House building subsidiaries also operate in internationally. The company initially used to engage in residential house building in Ireland started these constructions in these major segments after incorporation in 30 years back. .
Business environment analysis
Market economy
The company operates maximum in domestic market i.e. Ireland. Therefore, this market has substantial influence on this business. Age of democracy and age of the company is similar. So, the company has experienced gradual growth of expenditure of people of this country over the years. Inflation rate in this economy has remained 4% annually over last few years and GDP of this country has been expected to grow 4% annually for next few years. Countries in European Union are the main trading partner of this country. ...
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