Adaptive Strategy and Business Sustainability

Adaptive Strategy and Business Sustainability  Essay example
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Strategies in a business environment are formulated after carefully considering the various alternatives available in a situation and assessing the environment for the external factors and internal factors relating to the strategies under consideration


The changes in the environmental conditions necessitate changes in the strategies made. The adaptability to the environment changes is essential for the stability of the operations. The environment or the environmental changes provide opportunities as well as pose threats. The opportunities and the threats are analyzed in relation to the strengths and weaknesses in the system and organization. The key features of the Burgelman’s 3 stage model deals with the adaptive strategies which are useful in understanding the process and dynamics associated with the strategic decision making in an increasingly fast paced business environments. The ANZ Banking Group Limited is a leading company in banking and financial service sector in Australia and New Zeeland. To lend focus to the study, we have considered all the recent major developments in the operations of the company in relation to application of the conceptual framework. The main arguments are related to application of technology in the business and expansion activities of the company which have direct impact on the growth. Based on the analysis and assessment, conclusion is arrived at as to how successful the organization has been in decision making by applying the conceptual frameworks associated with induced and autonomous strategy and other features of the model. ...
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