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Gentiva Health Services Financial Analysis Report Name Course Course instructor Date of submission Abstract Financial performance is a measure of how well a given organization is performing in relation to other companies. An analysis of the financial status, revenue cycle and financial management is a process used by many companies in order to find out their financial strengths or weaknesses.


The paper is divided into the following sections: background information, revenue analysis, financial analysis and management. Finally, the last section gives a conclusion based on the author’s point of view on the soundness of the company’s activities. Outline Outline 3 Background Information 4 Operating Revenue 5 Financial Management 7 Sources of capital 8 Capital Expenditure Management 9 Financial management analysis 9 Conclusion 11 Background Information Gentiva health services provider is one of the largest health care and hospice providers in the majority of the states in America. In 1971, Gentiva launched its home healthcare business and under the umbrella of Olsten Corporation, a split took place in March 2000 separating Olsten and Gentiva Health services, which is now one of the largest health service providers in the nation and ranked among the ten largest after acquiring The Health field Group, Inc., in 2006. Gentiva Health Services provides hospice services throughout 420 locations and at least forty-one states. These services include skilled nursing, hospice services, nutrition, social work, and disease management education. The company also takes part in assisting needy people in their daily living activities. ...
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