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Goldman Sachs

2.A.i. Key Products and Services 7
2.A.ii.Function of Products and Services in the World of Investments 7
2.A.iii. Goldman Sachs’ Role in IPOs 8
2.B. Goldman Sachs’ Influence on the Capital Markets 8
2.B.i. Positive Influences 8
2.B.ii. Debated Influences Among Investors and other Firms/Companies 9
3. Role of Goldman Sachs in China 10
3.A. Key Investment Areas in China 10
3.A.i. Key Areas of Interest of Goldman Sachs in China 10
3.A.ii. Successful Cases/Engagements in China 11
3.B. Valuing China’s Present Economic Situation 11
3.B.i. Current Investment Climate in China- Views 11
3.B.ii. Forecasts for Future Prospects in China 11
4. Conclusion 12
4.A. Goldman Sachs’ Performance in the World of Investments 12
4.B. Goldman Sachs’ Role in China 12
References 13

1. Introduction to Goldman Sachs

1.A. Goldman Sachs History

Goldman Sachs is an American investment bank that has its roots in Manhattan in New York City, having been founded there in 1869, with its key competencies being in general investment banking, financial services, the management of investments, and securities. It leads the world in the management of mergers and acquisitions, the provision of services tied to underwriting, the management of assets, as well as prime brokerage services that it is able to provide to individuals, companies, and countries. ...
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Table of Contents

1. Introduction to Goldman Sachs 3
1.A. Goldman Sachs History 3
1.B. Goldman Sachs Background 3
1.C. Role in the World of Investments 4
2. How Goldman Sachs Has Performed in the World of Investments 7…
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