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Potential enterpreneur "PowaPak"

It may be considered a little late but most of the Christmas shopping is done in the last week before Christmas. In fact, All In London.co.uk (2012) indicates that Christmas shopping is always left for the last minute. Additionally, most of the parties will take place in the last two weeks ending with New Year celebrations. Therefore, a large quantity of ‘PowaPak’ is expected to be sold. Packaging The package that is used for a product is a powerful marketing tool (FactExpert 2012). The style of the bottle is therefore very important. PowaPak will be packaged in 250ml glass bottles. Glass bottles are used because it is environmentally friendly when compared with PET and aluminium cans. However, the cost is high in comparison to those substitutes. Nutricap Labs (2012) indicate that costs and environmental factors play a key role in the drink packaging industry. Consumers have become very environmental and health conscious and awareness is increasing in relation to the deleterious effects of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. Therefore, this is a major consideration in our choice. Although, aluminium cans and PET bottles cost less and are more convenient to carry around as well as to ship because of their lighter weight, glass bottles provide more benefits. A list of factors which makes bottles more beneficial when compared to substitutes includes: i. ...
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To: Potential Investors From: Potential Entrepreneur – Name here ‘ENERGY WITH EVERY SIP’ Introduction ‘PowaPak’ is power packed and provides ‘energy with every sip’. This drink is will be on the shelf before Christmas which is one of the busiest shopping seasons of the year…
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