Computer abuse is subject to taking advantage of electronic media to gain information and use it against the third party - Assignment Example

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Computer abuse is subject to taking advantage of electronic media to gain information and use it against the third party

INTRODUCTION Computer abuse is subject to taking advantage of electronic media to gain information and use it against the third party. The evolving technologies such as the expert use of smart phones, tablets, laptops, home computers have added the threat of new crimes every day. The criminal activities are encompassed by excessive use of technology and computer abuse, which have resulted in major social, cultural, and financial losses over the last two decades. The new dimension of criminal activities involves expert use of technology that is intelligent and technical that it can be even misread by the law enforcement agencies. For instance, a property crime on a larger scale involves fraud against the property of people without involving any physical contact with the people (Denning, 2004). The prevention of such crimes is essential for the future of advance technology and criminal investigations undertaken by trained computer experts or forensic individuals. ...
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Running Head: Finance and Accounting Finance and Accounting Computer Fraud and Abuse Table of Contents EXECUTIVE SUMMARY 1 INTRODUCTION 2 DISCUSSION 4 Computer Crimes and Abuse 4 Computer Fraud 4 Various Computer Frauds 5 Spamming 5 Advanced Fee Fraud 6 Employment Frauds 6 Counterfeit Schemes 6 Credit/ Debit Card Computer Fraud 7 Investment Fraud 7 Phishing Fraud 7 Cyber Terrorism 8 COMPUTER CRIME STATISTICS 8 CONCLUSION AND RECOMMENDATIONS 12 REFERENCES 14 EXECUTIVE SUMMARY The availability of electronic resources has increased in the last three decades and has given rise to various new criminal activities…
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