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INTRODUCTION “ABC Energy” is a business project that has been designed keeping the idea of success of Dragon’s Den success of Levi Root’s Reggae Reggae Sauce. It has been suggested with believe that any single idea can gain market acceptance and does not require to be an extra ordinary product or extremely different in order to gain the market share.


Based on the forecasted data assessed with ratios and capital budgeting techniques, the project has been found highly feasible with attractive returns. For details view of the financials; forecasting sheets have also been provided. Moreover, there are some assumptions made while forecasting the financials of the project and these assumptions have also been discussed. ASSUMPTIONS ABC DRINK Following set of assumptions have been followed to prepare the following financials for the data: 1. External environment has been analysed and the market has been found conducive of conducting the energy drink business. 2. ABC drink has been evaluated for the offering size of 250 ml. 3. Costing of the material has been used the cost of item listed. 4. All the expenses are based in fictional figures. 5. Price of the product has been set according to competitive prices available on the Amazon grocery offering 6. It is assumed the changing season would not affect the demand. 7. Production and will follow the given pattern. 8. The closing stock of each month is utilised in next month. 9. ...
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