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Chapter 2 Literature Review 1. Introduction ……. 2. Definition of Profession Profession has a number of definitions based on various sociological perspectives. Abbott (1988, 2002) provides that profession is any expert’s occupation that competes for workplace.


Torgersen (1972) and Abbott (1988) further emphasize on the need to monopolize duties for the achievement of professionalism. Andrews & Waerness (2011) suggest that de-professionalization may occur if there is a reduction on the area of responsibility or certain occupation’s jurisdiction. In general this involves where there is less specialization of occupational duties. Professions in the society are interests groups thus there positions are determined by the structural elements. Ascribing to the characteristics of interest groups they safeguard their advantages by means of social closure (Philip O’regan 2008). Therefore professionalism aims to regulate entry into an occupation so as to maintain its market value (Parkin, 1979). According to interactions’ perspective professions provides services to the society and defend the interests of their members as well as the interest group at large. Critical perspectives have been taken attributed to studies on professionalization in the context of state-profession dynamics and collective social mobility within a set of power relations. In regard to this professions create professional monopoly by closure and exclusion to defend the interests of their members practice (Sian, 2006; Uche, 2002; Walker, 2004; Willmott, 1986; Yapa, 1999). …. 3. Accountancy and Professionalism ………… 4. ...
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