Analyzing the Stock Market Crash

Analyzing the Stock Market Crash Dissertation example
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Analyzing the Stock Market Crash [Student’s name] [Course title] [Supervisor’s name] [Date] Executive Summary The stock market crisis that have been discussed in the paper includes, the first ever crisis in 1929 which is also referred to as ‘Black Tuesday’ which triggered the Great Depression and set the stage for World War II.


The other stock market crash discussed in the paper followed in 1997 which occurred in Asian countries. The crisis occurred due to the increase of foreign debt and some poor policies regarding the devaluation of currency. The crisis was followed by Russian crisis which occurred in 1998 and referred to as currency crisis which was mainly due to the domestic problems of the country which took everyone by surprise. The paper discusses another stock market crisis of dot-com bubble which rose due to the rapid expansion of internet based companies which severely damaged the stock market. The crisis was followed by another crisis of terrorist attacks which were aimed at World Trade Center and Pentagon. The stock market in New York remained closed for four consecutive days, and since then the economy of US came in huge shambles. The last stock market crisis discussed in the paper is 2007 credit crunch which occurred due to the bursting of housing bubble. ...
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