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I - Financial Reporting: SABMiller PLC Introduction SABMiller Plc formerly known as The South African Breweries is a multinational company in brewing and beverages business with its renowned international brands such as Pilsner Urguell, Miller Genuine Draft and Grolsch and several strong local brands with over 200 brands in its portfolio.


The opportunities are growing due to the trends and life style changes in the emerging markets with youngsters as consumers. The consolidation taking place in the industry over the period of time and the innovative market development activities undertaken by the company with its strong brands and wider geographical expansion portrays a good future outlook for the company as well as the industry in the long run. Evaluation of the company’s Performance The consolidated financial statements include the financial information of the subsidiaries, associates and joint venture entities owned by the company. For evaluating the company’s performance, its performance over a period of time needs to be compared. Figure 1SABMiller Financial Highlights Return on equity Revenue growth and return on equity over the period of time is impressive considering the financial crisis faced by the world and slowdown in economies internationally. There is all-round improvement in performance. In spite of the increasing competition in the industry, the company has been able to maintain its revenue growth. Maintaining EBITA margin with the increase in revenues over the period of time resulted into robust growth in gross profit and profits attributable to equity shareholders. ...
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