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Essay example - Auditor scepticism is an increasing concern for the profession and stakeholders of UK Companies

Finance & Accounting
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The audited information then helps in the decision making process (Collier, 1993). It is also essential for the stakeholders and public for having confidence in the companies. The primary objective of auditing is about detecting and preventing any kind of frauds and errors. …

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Despite of that, some companies still comes up with unreal data and manages to evade tax. According to reports, the major reason behind this phenomenon is the reduced scepticism level among the auditors. In UK, due to reduced scepticism among the auditors, stakeholders are finding it difficult to make proper decision pertaining to investment. As before investing, it is essential for the stakeholders to have confidence in the companies where they are investing. Therefore to get deep insights about the issue, the report will emphasize on how auditor scepticism is becoming a cause of concern for the stakeholders of the companies based on UK. In addition the report will also cover the areas associated with auditor scepticism. Finally based on the findings of the study, a conclusion will be drawn and recommendations regarding how auditor’s scepticism can be improved will be made.
Auditor scepticism can be defined as the level of cynicism that an auditor needs to employ while conducting an audit. The notion became prominent in recent times when issues such as banking crisis came in the limelight. The regulatory authorities have raised question on the auditing firms on whether they demonstrated the level of scepticism needed to carry out an audit (Kan, 2007). Similarly in UK, the stakeholders of the companies are getting increasingly concerned about the low level of scepticism among the auditors. In addition to this, the auditing profession is also getting negatively impacted. ...
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