Pesonal invenstmnt in UK - Is it a science or a matter of good fortune - Essay Example

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Pesonal invenstmnt in UK - Is it a science or a matter of good fortune

Participation by the people in the investment activity of United Kingdom is a long history. Personal investment is done by the individual. Personal investing constitutes an important part in personal financial investment. Personal investment is done for future expenditure plans such as to buy real estate, pay for family expenses and also to pay off outstanding loans. Now, the question is how an individual invest. He may begin to build up his financial assets in order to pay for long term financial goals. He may want assets accessible to make down payments on housing and may also want to guarantee that human capital is low risk by buying disability insurance and term insurance (Schewart, 1999, pp.1-2). Personal Investment is done in order to create a safe financial cushion which will be used in after years. ...
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Personal Investment in UK – Is It a Science or a Matter of Good Fortune Table of Contents Introduction 4 Evaluation: It is a Science 5 Modern Portfolio Theory (MPT) 5 Capital Asset Pricing Model (CAPM) 6 Arbitrage Pricing Theory (APT) 7 Black-Scholes (BS) Model 7 Rough Set Theory (RST) 8 Financial Services Authority (FSA) 9 Matter of Good Fortune 10 Different Types of UK Investment 10 Individual Saving Accounts Allowance 10 Investment Trusts 11 Unit Trusts 12 Open Ended Investment Companies 12 Stocks and Shares 13 Fixed Income Securities 13 Property 13 Liquidity Funds 14 Balanced Portfolio 14 Portfolio Management 15 Difficulties Associated with Portfolio Management 16 Transaction cost 16 Ta…
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