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The Financial and sovereign debt crisis In Europe

However, the sovereign debt crisis particularly worsened in 2010 raising many concerns over the effectiveness of the fiscal policy adopted by the European Monetary Union, which appeared to have failed totally in abating the crisis. Greece and Ireland were among the worst hit countries while Spain and Portugal experienced its impact to a lesser extent. Nevertheless, other European countries have raised concerns that the crisis needs to be controlled amicably lest it spreads to other European countries a scenario, which may become difficult to solve. As a result, the European Union has proposed a raft of measures, which it aims to use in solving such crises in Europe. This paper will analyze some of the new policy initiatives that the European member states has proposed for tackling the financial and sovereign-debt crisis in the region. ...Show more


New Policies Proposed To Solve The Financial And Sovereign Debt Crisis In Europe. Your number Date Word count-2,492 Words Table of Contents Table of Contents 2 Executive Summary 3 Introduction 4 Establishment of a Crisis Management Fund for the Euro Zone 6 Establishment of an Orderly Default Framework 6 Imposition of a ‘Haircuts’ on the Face Value Debt 7 Two tire European Crisis Resolution Mechanism (ECRM) 7 Sovereign-debt Restructuring 8 Closer Economic Integration and Fiscal Union 9 Increasing the Rescue Firepower Funds 10 Conclusion 11 Works Cited 12 New Policies Proposed To Solve The Financial And Sovereign Debt Crisis In Europe…
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