Literature Review of Corporate Governance and Dividend Policy

Literature Review of Corporate Governance and Dividend Policy Dissertation example
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Literature Review of Corporate Governance and Dividend Policy (Is Managerial Remuneration Excessive?) Table of Contents Table of Contents 2 Introduction 3 Excessive Managerial Remuneration 4 Excessive Managerial Remuneration in the USA 4 Corporate Governance and Managerial Remuneration 11 Common Theme of Corporate Governance 11 Managerial Remuneration 12 Argument for External Regulation 13 Agency Theory 14 Dividend Policy 16 Conclusion 18 References 19 Bibliography 23 Introduction In the modern days, corporate governance has achieved significant importance in the western nations such as the USA and the UK.


There is much anxiety about making the remuneration packages highly controlled and avoid unnecessary risk or encourage corporate insatiability. Thus, an effort has been made to offer a global synopsis of the emerging concern with respect to the excessive managerial remuneration. The USA and the UK have been the main victims, as these are the nations that had experienced highest delays in economic recovery and economic slowdown with regard to business mismanagement. One of the main reasons for this has been the high compensation to the managerial executives. In the global perspective, remuneration has been recognized by the G–20 countries and the ‘Financial Stability Forum’ has deemed for excessive managerial remuneration as a causative issue ensuing the international economic crisis (Mukherjee & Majumdar, 2007). Excessive Managerial Remuneration The global economy is confronting with an earning conflict because of excessive managerial remuneration in major enterprises throughout the world. ...
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