Finance: Comparative performance of private and public healthcare systems

Finance: Comparative performance of private and public healthcare systems Literature review example
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(Name of institution) (Student registration number) Introduction Middle income countries are countries that are still struggling in their provision of facilities to their citizens and have not reached developmental level required in the Millennium development goals.


Oil producing countries are nations that mine oil as one of their most important export commodity. Despite the amount of money that they receive from the oil they are the countries that are most afflicted with conflicts and corruption. Their governments also mainly focus on oil production instead of other aspects of the economy, this leads to them importing most of their food products and other items which they could be producing as a country. Therefore the health care of some oil producing countries despite their wealth is poor and are comparable to health care systems of middle income countries. Organization of Petroleum Exporting country was created as a cartel of oil exporting countries. The goal of OPEC is to protect the interest of oil exporting countries that are part of the cartel. This has led to oil prices being driven upwards despite this fact some oil producing countries still do not have good healthcare systems. Oil exporters have performed poorly in their economic management and policies than most countries that have sparse resources. They have been reporting massive revenues from oil exporting since1973; but they have performed poorly than most of the countries that don’t have oil production. From Nigeria conflicts to high living expenses in countries like Saudi Arabia. These countries have not done enough especially in health care systems. ...
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