Strategies for financial success: vestas wind systems

Strategies for financial success: vestas wind systems Essay example
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STRATEGIES FOR FINANCIAL SUCCESS – VESTAS WIND SYSTEMS Table of Contents Question 1 4 Introduction 4 Business Strategy & R&D 4 Merger & Acquisition 6 Financial Statement Analysis 6 Branding & Positioning 8 Financing 9 Sources of Finance 9 Financial decision Analysis 10 Dividends 11 The Clientele Effect 12 Question 2 12 Capital Structure of Vestas 12 Factors Influencing Capital Structure 13 Optimal capital structure 14 Question 3 15 Developing ad Justifying Value Drivers 15 CAPM Model for Vestas Wind Systems 17 Calculating WACC for Vestas Wind Systems 18 Developing SVA Model 19 Gordon Growth Model 20 Market Efficiency and EMH 20 Sensitivity Analysis 21 Findings and Discussions 22 References


In the year 2007, the company’s market share was 28% which then came down to 12.6% in 2009. The company operates globally including countries like Italy, Britain, Sweden, Germany, United States, Australia, China, India, Norway, and of course Denmark. Business Strategy & R&D The company has over 30 years experience in the field of wind power. The company has successfully installed wind turbines in over 70 countries and during the year 2012, it conceded and installed wind capacity of 50 GW positioning itself as the world’s leading wind power generator. (Source: Dolcera, 2010) (Source: Dolcera, 2010) As the supply of non-renewable energy is declining, it is expected that wind power will represent a significant portion of combined energy supply. This makes the company’s future position attractive for investors. The company also plans to position itself as the leading brand in the renewable energy segment. ...
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