The rights-based approach and carbon taxes in Australia

The rights-based approach and carbon taxes in Australia Assignment example
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The Rights-Based Approach and Carbon Taxes in Australia Introduction This essay seeks to interrogate the carbon tax policy and the clean air revolution using the rights-based approach (social contract) as lens of analysis. We begin with a brief explanation of the rights-based approach (hereon, RBA).


Its adoption by the United Nations as the framework by which its pursues its interventions is significant, in that it heralds a shift from a needs-based approach, i.e., looking at what people need, to looking at what people have an absolute inalienable right to, by virtue of being human. (Alston, 2003: 7). A rights-based approach imposes a duty on the State to uphold this right as a function of the social contract, whereas a “need-based” approach may not necessarily so. Central therefore to the RBA is the re-emergence of the state and governance as a central element in development (Baxi, 2005: 2), through a focus on the interrelation between the state and its citizens in terms of duties and rights. (Boesen and Martin, 2007: 9). We now proceed to looking at the carbon tax issue, a controversial issue that has been the subject of much controversy and debate in Australia. The carbon tax is basically a levy that the government intends to impose on corporations that release carbon into the atmosphere. ...
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