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Name Professor’s Name Course Date Answer 1 (a) Report i. Financial and non-financial factors to consider include; IBF Plc is a well established company in its local markets in the manufacturing and sales of office supplies. The company has a strong distribution strategy that has been enhanced by the existence of the e business ordering and supplies of the office supplies.


It is obvious that each time a business is considering going abroad in its operations, there are likely risks that it is to face. These may be in regards to dealing with the local culture of the new market, the language, business practices and the regulations by the foreign governments (Tolentino 2000). A business has to therefore critically consider these factors before deciding on whether or not to venture on its operations abroad. Legal requirements; this has to be considered to help ensure that the business will oblige to the rules and regulations that support business in the new country (Eitemann, Stonehill & Moffett 1998). Lack of adherence to such rules and regulations normally cause conflicts and business problems in the process of trying to acquire new licenses or permits to commence operations. In most of the developing countries, the procedures or the rules are normally unnecessarily long due to the bureaucracies governing business procedures in those countries (Tolentino 2000). Therefore IBF must expect uphill tasks in obtaining such licenses in both majorities of the Asian and African states. The procedure of venturing into East Europe would not be quite hard since their regulatory procedures are quite easier. ...
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