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Aspects of Connected Speech - part 2 . research - Thesis Example

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Aspects of Connected Speech - part 2 . research

w?l] (ii) ‘No. I don’t think I will.’ Daniel: [w?l l?? l?s?n d??n liv ?m ma? b?laf] (iii) ‘Well! Listen. Don’t leave on my behalf.’ [a? ???k? ?tz? ?ba?t? a?m ju? ?n? a? p?? ??s pas b?ha?nd ?s d??n? ju das] (iv) ‘I think its about time you and I put this past behind us - don’t you Darc?’ [?? lis? ste? f?? r? ?b??de? dr??k w?? mi? j? ?m br?? h?] (v) ‘At least stay for a birthday drink with me and Bridg huh.’ Mark: [ba? br???t] (vi) ‘Bye bridget’ Bridget: [mak] (vii) ‘Mark’ [wa? ?? r ? ju h??] (viii) ‘Why are you here?’ Daniel: [br?? a? ??s t?l? u wa?? j? a?m h??] (ix) ‘Bridg I just told you why I’m here.’ [wa? w?z ma? w??k? dasi h??] (x) ‘Why was Mark wanker Darcy here?’ [?? bl?di h?l we?? ? m?n?t hiz b?k] (xi) ‘Oh! Bloody hell! Wait a minute. He’s back.’ Mark: [?lra?? kliv??? r ? a?tsa?d] (xii) ‘Alright Cleaver, outside.’ Daniel: [a?m s?ri] (xiii) ‘I’m sorry?’ Mark: [a?tsa?d] (xiv) ‘Outside!’ Daniel: [??d a? br?? ma? ?jul?m p?st?lz ? ma? s?d] (xv) ‘Should I bring my dualing pistols or my sword?’ [?lra?? h?l] (xvi) ‘Alright. ...
The adjustment of the final nasal /n/ in ‘on’ to the bilabial articulation of /m/ in ‘my’ [?m ma?] in line (iii) is an instance of phonemic assimilation; the phoneme /n/ becomes the phoneme /m/ and thus shares the same attributes or features as the bilabial articulation of /m/. In this case, there is a single articulation of /m/ but it is lengthened in accordance with the final /m/ of the modified ‘on’ and the following initial /m/ of ‘my’. If the sound was not lengthened it would be heard as [?m a?], which is not considered natural to a native speaker of English. In line (v) we find another such assimilation with the words ‘and Bridg’, in which case the /d/ of ‘and’ is first dropped and the alveolar nasal /n/ assimilates with the following bilabial stop /b/; thus we find [?m br??] instead of [?n br??]. Similarly, phonemic assimilation is apparent in line (xv), which shows the final phoneme velar nasal /?/ in ‘dueling’ changing to the bilabial articulation of the initial bilabial /p/ in ‘pistols’ [?jul?m p?st?lz]; the nasal /?/ therefore shares the same attributes as the bilabial articulation of /p/. In line (ix) [t?l? u] we find further evidence of assimilation; this time however, it is likely the final alveolar /d/ of ‘told’ has assimilated in anticipation of the word initial palatal approximant /j/ of ‘you’ but because ‘you’ is unstressed the phonemes /d/ and /j/ have combined (coalesced) to arrive at [t?l? u]. This would be unlikely to happen if the word ‘you’ was stressed, wherein we would probably hear [t?l? ju]. In line (xv) we find further evidence of coalescent assimilation but this time within a word rather than across ...Show more


Language analysis In order to analyze the language in the movie ‘Bridget Jones’ Diary’ in terms of connected speech, three different extracted dialogues are transcribed and presented for discussion. The first involves three characters from the movie – Bridget Jones, Mark Darcy and Daniel Cleaver – the second is a conversation between Bridget and Mark, while the final extract is between Bridget and Daniel…
Author : darionlangosh
Aspects of Connected Speech - part 2 . research
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