Aspects of Connected Speech - part 2 . research

Aspects of Connected Speech - part 2 . research Thesis example
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Language analysis In order to analyze the language in the movie ‘Bridget Jones’ Diary’ in terms of connected speech, three different extracted dialogues are transcribed and presented for discussion. The first involves three characters from the movie – Bridget Jones, Mark Darcy and Daniel Cleaver – the second is a conversation between Bridget and Mark, while the final extract is between Bridget and Daniel.


w?l] (ii) ‘No. I don’t think I will.’ Daniel: [w?l l?? l?s?n d??n liv ?m ma? b?laf] (iii) ‘Well! Listen. Don’t leave on my behalf.’ [a? ???k? ?tz? ?ba?t? a?m ju? ?n? a? p?? ??s pas b?ha?nd ?s d??n? ju das] (iv) ‘I think its about time you and I put this past behind us - don’t you Darc?’ [?? lis? ste? f?? r? ?b??de? dr??k w?? mi? j? ?m br?? h?] (v) ‘At least stay for a birthday drink with me and Bridg huh.’ Mark: [ba? br???t] (vi) ‘Bye bridget’ Bridget: [mak] (vii) ‘Mark’ [wa? ?? r ? ju h??] (viii) ‘Why are you here?’ Daniel: [br?? a? ??s t?l? u wa?? j? a?m h??] (ix) ‘Bridg I just told you why I’m here.’ [wa? w?z ma? w??k? dasi h??] (x) ‘Why was Mark wanker Darcy here?’ [?? bl?di h?l we?? ? m?n?t hiz b?k] (xi) ‘Oh! Bloody hell! Wait a minute. He’s back.’ Mark: [?lra?? kliv??? r ? a?tsa?d] (xii) ‘Alright Cleaver, outside.’ Daniel: [a?m s?ri] (xiii) ‘I’m sorry?’ Mark: [a?tsa?d] (xiv) ‘Outside!’ Daniel: [??d a? br?? ma? ?jul?m p?st?lz ? ma? s?d] (xv) ‘Should I bring my dualing pistols or my sword?’ [?lra?? h?l] (xvi) ‘Alright. ...
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