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The main challenges faced by contemporary organizations are globalization, profitability through growth, technology, intellectual capital and continuous change. Considering the critical challenges faced by contemporary organizations.


Ulrich’s foundation to HR model was based on his statement, “HR should be defined not by what it does but by what it delivers – the results that enrich the organization’s value to customers, investors, and employees” (1998; p.29). To underpin this proposition, Ulrich has proposed the four-role model of HRM that clearly defines the roles of human resource professionals in creating value for the organization. The present work is an attempt to understand both models from a critical perspective through respective advantages and disadvantages. These models have been studied based on few examples derived from organizations that have successfully adopted them; demerits have also been explored based on some unsuccessful attempts.

Four-role model of HR:
Identification of various roles that HR professionals performed has led Ulrich to organize these multiple roles in a more systematic and understandable fashion that resulted in the four-role model. In the four-role model, Ulrich has emphasized the business-partnership roles that HR professionals play in terms of focus on long-term/strategic to short-term/operational functions, and activities ranging from managing processes through HR tools and systems to managing people. ...
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