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PUBLICR SWOT analysis Strengths: Currently, the organization of Southwark Circle, which is to be turned into UK Circle and made nationwide, has several internal strengths. Most notably, because of the philanthropic and positive nature of the organization, there is a lot of grass-roots support, and visibility is high among the the UK public.


The organization has the strength of being perceived as positive help for those in their older mature years, from ages sixty to eighty. This age group represents more serious risk factors than other groups; the representatives from this population can have problems combined with various other circumstances of his situation have made them vulnerable. Because the organization is perceived as helping the vulnerable rather than taking advantage, a key strength is in public perception. Weaknesses: One potential internal weakness of the proposed expansion for Southwark to UK Circle is that the organizational leadership may perceive the status quo as acceptable, and resist public relations (PR) intervention from an external source. “One of the greatest problems public relations practitioners face is proving that they make a worthwhile contribution to their organizations. This is especially so during economic downturns when businesses and nonprofits are looking for ways to eliminate needless expenses” (Wirth, 2003). Another weakness is that the client base of the organization, on average, does not have a lot of spending power to add to the financial bottom line. They may receive little or no support from the children, and may be a retired veteran of the second World War. ...
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