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Law of Contract Task 1 Part A Computerland dispatches the ‘Avocado’ computers but, before the computers arrive, the University telephones to say that it no longer wants them. Let us analyse the facts before going into the arguments for our client Cwmfelin University.


In the understanding of contract law, an ‘invitation to offer’ is defined as follows: “An invitation to the offer is a pre-determined proposal which is intended to generate an offer from the bidder of goods for a consideration, in order to effectuate an agreement.” In the case of British Car Auctions v. Wright1, we can further understand the definition of ‘invitation to offer’ in the context to the situation at hand: “There is no offer to sell, but always an offer to buy.” From this definition, we can analyse the effect of the email sent by Computerland to Cwmfelin University. Applying the definition in the case, the email sent by Computerland was not an offer, since there cannot be an offer to sell, but only an offer to buy. The actions on the part of Computerland further describe that it was a pre determined act, which intended to generate an offer from the buyer of the goods, Cwmfelin University in this context. Therefore, it can now be concluded that the mail sent by Computerland, having the intentions to generate an offer from Cwmfelin, was in fact an invitation to offer. The invitation was sent by Computerland, enticing Cwmfelin University to offer them a consideration for the delivery of Computers to the University. ...
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