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Coursework example - Housing finance and economics (2)

Housing finance and economics (2) Coursework example
High school
Finance & Accounting
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Housing Finance and Economics – Evaluating New Labour’s Housing Policy (2702 words) The idea behind social housing refers to a system of housing which is affordable. This permits people to on low rents and with security. The system is need based where the claimant earns points as per needs…

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This segment is monitored such that rents are kept at low levels. This sector is different from that of private landlords where the choice of the later dominates. Here, houses are allocated according to needs and the social landlords state in advance the criterion on the basis of which the allocation is done on a rational ground. They might have a policy of alteration at any time as per the decision of the landlord. The New Labor administration brought about the issue of housing within the jurisdiction of social inclusion. During the policy statement titled ‘Quality and choice: A decent home for all: The way forward for housing’ the government announces its goal of providing each citizen “the opportunity of a decent home and so promote social cohesion, well-being and self-dependence” (DETR, 2000, p.3). Since now the aspect of housing has been incorporated into social inclusion, the outcomes of housing as a meter of performance evaluation has become more complex as the recognition of particular input to housing sector has also become difficult. Several questions have come up in this respect. For example, the resources allocated to New Deal might be categorized as housing spending despite the fact that a large proportion of the same goes towards development of the community and promotion of integrated thoughts and action. ...
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