Leadership "Does measuring leadership help productivity of the Organisation"

Leadership "Does measuring leadership help productivity of the Organisation" Coursework example
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Leadership Table of Contents Introduction 3 Literature Review 4 Methods of measuring leadership effectiveness in organisations 8 Justification of approach 11 Reasons why measuring leadership effectiveness harnesses organisational productivity 13 Conclusion 14 Reference 16 Introduction This project makes an attempt to identify how the measurement of leadership proves to be effective in organisations.


A number of examples of organisations have been provided in this context. The subject of leadership has gained tremendous interest in the sine the past few decades. Leadership is considered to of critical interest for adding value to the organisation. It is important to measure the effectiveness of leadership and its influence in driving the performance of employees and the organisations. A leader has a much bigger and important role to play than just being a person who is the biggest or the most powerful. The term leader has been interpreted as a person who sets the direction with an effort to influence individuals to follow the direction. However, the term leader needs to distinguished form that of a manager. It is different from planning, coordinating and organising and is more concerned with the power to influence people and guiding them through the direction of attaining organisation goals and objectives (McNamara, n.d.). It is important to assess the quality of leadership development programs to identify the possible actions which can be taken towards improving the quality of the programs. ...
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