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Thesis example - Financial impact on family of having a child with a life-limiiting illness

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Financial impact on family of having a child with a life-limiiting illness Thesis example
Finance & Accounting
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Name of student: Topic: Financial impact on a family having a child with life limiting illness Lecturer: Date of Presentation: Incidents of life limiting illnesses and disabilities in children have been on an increasing trend in developed countries in the recent past…

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Consequently, the number of children with terminal diseases continues increasing, raising the cost of their care at family and national levels. Many research studies have been conducted to investigate the financial impact of life limiting disabilities on medical care budgets of various countries especially in the developed world. A study conducted by Michelson and Steinhorn (2007) in England investigated the palliative costs of managing various types of life-limiting disabilities on children. Though the study focused on particular standards needed to cater for patients suffering from a particular life-limiting disorder, it gave insights of financial costs that such life limiting disorders have on families. Majority of all life-limiting conditions require palliative care and in children, such care is concerned with controlling the symptoms and maintaining good quality of life of the child for uncertain period before the child dies (Michelson & Steinhorn 2007). Though death of children with life limiting condition is usually expected, it is difficult to determine when and how such children will die. Therefore, caregivers of people with such conditions are faced with financial challenges of preparing the patients until death. ...
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