Active Shape Modelling compared to Hip Morphometry in the prediction of Hip fracture

Active Shape Modelling compared to Hip Morphometry in the prediction of Hip fracture Thesis example
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This project aims to examine the relationship between the shape of the hip joint and total hip replacement in osteoarthritis(OA), a severe illness with significant psychological and social repercussions.


The cartilage covering the bone tips at the joints is an important cushion protecting the bone from friction during motion and allowing for smooth interactions of adjacent bones in the joint space. Degradation of cartilage during OA leads to comparative exposure of the bone, causing frictional resistance between bones during joint movement. Thus pain, stiffness, swelling and inflammation result making day to day activities difficult. Added to this deformation of normal joint shape, bone spurs (osteophytes) growing at the tips of bones, which sometimes detach and may be found loose in the joint space worsen the pain. In contrast to the other common form of arthritis i.e. rheumatoid arthritis (RA); OA affects only the joints and its affect on joints is often asymmetrical, i.e. not both joints are simultaneously affected. Besides OA is a degenerative disease, associated with elderly, and affecting the young less than RA. The joints affected by OA are mainly knees, hips, hands (finger and thumb), and spine (neck and Lower back) (figure 1-1). Recent data indicate that 46 million Americans above the age of 25 are affected by OA, while the WHO data estimates declare the population affected by OA to be 10% of the world population (Symmons et al., 2006). ...
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