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Assignment 2 for CLS325

Essentially rooted in the attempt to achieve a more accurate definition, arguments have been pushed forward regarding the differences between popular culture and mass culture. Despite all these conflicting theories and subsequent debates, most of these theorists, with the exception of those who uphold post-modernist views, accept the fact that the cultural condition of an individual is reflective of social status. Culture cannot be detached from other material conditions that surround individuals and peoples. This is proven by the emergence of different and contradictory viewpoints on the definition of culture. Those who adhered to the concept that culture can only be attributed to the arts, customs, and refined manners of the elite in society are those who themselves belong to such a class. On the other hand, those who believe that culture is not exclusive for the rich are those who represent or who belong to the lower strata of society. According to Graeme Turner, “ideology not only produces our culture, it also produces our consciousness of our selves.” (British Cultural Studies 20) Ideology may be the most important factor for the development of culture. ...
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On the Mass and Popular Culture Debate Scholars and theorists in cultural studies have long been divided into conflicting camps. The said camps have been established due to the lines drawn according to the differences in perspectives regarding the definitions and classifications culture…
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