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Implementing Strategy and Managing Change A Report 1. Objective of the Report The staff members of the fire and rescue services (F&RS) unit have expressed resentment about being expected to assume roles beyond their legislated functions. This report describes the means by which the members of the F&RS unit may be motivated, in the most efficacious manner possible, to perform the additional functions expected of them by the public and higher management.


However the government also exercises the use of central control measures and the exertion of control on workers who are reluctant to abide by the set policies. Leaders of public service organizations tend to underestimate change complexity and instead focus on tools, strategy and structure instead of relating to individual employees (Karp & Helgo, 2008). Such practices are seen as archaic, driving out talented personnel or causing them to underperform on the job. It is therefore important to understand the dynamics of change that takes place in an organization. The diagram that follows is a graphical model of the process of change. It begins with (1) a vision and articulated goals, against which (2) the current model is assessed. Out of this assessment and mindful of the vision and goals, (3) the desired model is formulated and defined, for which (4) operational plans are designed. Finally, (5) the operational plans are implemented, and the result of this implementation is fed back and compared against the vision, and the cycle is repeated. At some point, the change adoption would be considered either completed or unfeasible, at which case routine management techniques take over again. ...
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