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The Assumptions Behind the Assumptions in the War on Terror - Research Paper Example

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The Assumptions Behind the Assumptions in the War on Terror

From the research it can be comprehended that post 9/11 era is an entirely different era as it changed many dimensions of the way international politics and security issues are being perceived now. The brutality with which this event was carried out by the group of terrorists gave a wakeup call to the free world to re-examine its priorities and its security infrastructure to make world more secure. There is a growing concern now to improve the existing physical security infrastructure as well as a need for a coordinated effort to curb the financing of the terrorism at the global level. One of the key objectives of America’s war on terror was to deny sponsorship to the terrorist organizations and weaker states. This objective therefore also necessitated that systems and procedures must be developed to ensure that terrorist funding is restricted. The subsequent experience in the Iraq War signified the role of combating the financing streams of the terrorists to cut off their vital source of survival. There is therefore a greater need to properly assess the financial threat terrorism can actually pose and how law enforcement agencies can actually achieve the objective of gathering credible financial intelligence to block the sources of finance for the terrorists. The corruption in countries like Iraq and Afghanistan is also resulting into indirect funding for the terrorists and terrorist organizations and as such...
However, in order to capture maximum scenarios and comprehend a different array of risk events, it is important that a combination of both may be used. (Anderson, 2008) Financial threat assessment in the wake of the war on terrorism and how it can impact the overall effort by the world powers to curb terrorism therefore can be critical and requires a holistic approach and the involvement of different public sector entities to play their part. It is also critical to understand that this type of risk assessment should be part of the greater doctrine of the overall war. The financial threat assessment in the wake of the current war on terror therefore seems to have proper ideological backing to be carried out. (Amoore & de Goede, 2008) Methods One of the widely used financial instruments and methods of transferring funds is the use of cash as well as the negotiable bearer instruments. The use of cash is an obvious choice as it allows the terrorists to shy away from using the traditional banking channels and therefore avoid the risk of being detected. The use of cash and currency notes therefore leave no audit trail and thus virtually securing terrorists from being detected. The impracticality of holding large amounts of cash is also overtaken by the use of bearer negotiable instruments as they are easy to carry and are almost as good as cash is. One of the key features of bearer instruments is that they entitle the possessor of the instrument to receive the value written on the face of the instrument therefore bearer negotiable instruments are being easily used for the financing of terrorist activities. Not only the use of cash is ...Show more


This paper is being carried out to investigate the need for financial threat assessment in war on terrorism with special emphasis on how corruption in Iraq and Afghanistan is actually contributing towards the proliferation of terrorism…
Author : charlie27
The Assumptions Behind the Assumptions in the War on Terror essay example
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