Due to their low-cost and high-quality of goods, new technology and computers are eliminating jobs in America.

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New Technology and Computers are Eliminating Jobs in America America is one of the continents that has witnessed great improvements in technology and production of more advanced computers. These have worked for the benefit of mankind by making work easier.


Automated machines have displayed a high consistency, quality output and good work flow. They simplify production and reduce lead times. In regard to safety, they reduce the number of on-the-job casualties that can occur hence reduced medical bills for injured workers. They are a solution to harsh and dangerous working conditions and workplaces, for example, places with toxic fumes, under water and fire (Jeremy, 1995). They perform tasks that are beyond human capabilities, endurance and speed. Louise (2010) reveals that the drop in manufacturing employment is significant in America especially over the past decade. He further states that between the years 2000 and 2007 alone, there has been a 20% drop in manufacturing employment. The drop has increased further, because of the recent recession, by 15%. In many manufacturing companies, routine tasks have been automated. Therefore, there is no more need to have many workers. Manufacturing companies have witnessed improved production as a result of tapping into computers and other improved technology. Manufactures are also encouraged by the cost-efficiency of these automated machines and computers as compared to paying many workers. This has led to low cost of production and has translated to better profits and hence a good reason to keep out human labor to the best extend possible. This has led to many people loosing their jobs and the jobless remaining jobless (Jeremy, 1995). ...
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