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Introduction: The term ‘culture’ is a multifaceted word encompassing a wide spectrum of notions and concepts related to society, community, language, and so on and so forth. When it comes to describing the interaction between language and culture, a large number of things have to be taken into serious consideration.


The research is based on an appropriate linguistic approach that includes multiple demographic variables such as age, gender, language, and education. The relation between culture and language is a mutual one. Language is described as a means of understanding the world around us. To put it in a more conventional manner, language is the expression of culture. However, conceptualising culture is not free of complications. This happens due to the multifaceted nature of culture as the latter is an umbrella term amalgamating a wider range of notions and ideas. Especially, in the context of translating words from a foreign language, individuals often face the problems of receiving absolute semantic denotations of words. This most possibly may lead to a complete misunderstanding as well as misinterpretation of an entire culture to the foreigners. Conclusion: The conceptualisation of culture is a rather individual affair than a collective one for the primary reason that the notion of culture varies from person to person. In terms of translation, this variation only increases. Complications usually occur specifically with the cases of translating or interpreting borrowed words or loan words, culturally charged terms, metaphors or idioms into a foreign language. ...
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